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MOZ BRICKS - Blocks of creamy Mozzarella cheese, hand breaded, then fried. Served with bacon jam or marinara. 10.00

1/2 NACHOS - Fresh tortilla chips layered with pulled pork, queso cheese, pico, sour cream, jalepenos, BBQ sauce and bacon bits. 12.00

XXXL SHROOMS - Huge Mushrooms, Hand Breaded and Deep Fried. 8.00

BONELESS WINGS - Fried to golden delicious, and your choice of sauce, tossed or on side, mild, reaper, BBQ, Garlic Parm, Hunny Mustard. 10.00

PUB TOTS OR FRIES - You pick tots or fries. Smothered in queso, cheddar cheese, and bacon bits. 8.00

BEER BATTERED ONION RINGS - Fresh cut onions, battered, and fried to golden. 6.00

MINI BEEF TACOS - Mini beef tacos served with pico and sour cream. 9.00



Served with french fries.

OUTPOST BURGER - 1/2 patty, topped with your choice of cheese. LTOP upon request. 13.00

DOUBLE BURGER - A FULL POUND llayered with cheese. 18.00

PULLED PORK SANDWICH - In house smoked pork seasoned to perfection. Served with BBQ sauce. 13.00

BIKER BLT - A sweet twist on a classic. Candies bacon and moonshine Aoili make this sandwich amazing 13.00

CHICKEN SANDWICH - Grilled or crispy chicken breast, served on a Brioche Bun. 13.00

POLANCIC'S PORK TENDERLOIN - Deep fried and served with fries. 10.00

THE HOMEWRECKER - 12 INCH dog wrapped in bacon, topped with grilled onions &   queso cheese. Two hands needed! 13.00

DEEP FRIED GRILLED CHEESE - Grilled cheese sandwich deep fried and served with bacon. 13.00



For our guests Age 10 & under. Served with French Fries and Soft Drink.



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